Blog Accompaniment - the Evil Game! Published 3/25/2018

Here is the promised background on the Evil Game, started in 2015 and resumed in 2018!

Here is a picture of the World Map!

Here is a picture of the dungeon the party escaped in the beginning!



Our party finds themselves in the Country of Toril, a large territory containing half a dozen major cities including the large capital city.  The world in which Toril lies is known as Faerun (Fay-Run), which is divided up into seven countries. These countries coexist in a delicate balance that is often upset by trade disputes, territory conflicts.  Skirmishes are fairly common, though it has been a century since the last all-out war.

Toril is the most powerful of the countries, ruled by a mysterious but renowned warrior known as Vergul the Champion.  In his youth, he helped orchestrate and ultimately ran the grand uprising that eventually lead to the scattering of all those with magical powers.  With a superior force and a mysterious technology that allows for the suppression of magical powers, Vergul and his forces cast down the Arcane Circle that ruled over Toril, a day that became known as Vindication Day, so named by the victor.  Later in life, he is less often seen but his presence is still felt in all the same ways as ever; abundant military presence and strict enforcement of the laws.

Magic use is now forbidden, and rewards are offered for the exposure of someone with magical ability.  Those born that show magical potential are spirited away or kept secret for as long as possible, but such people are easily exposed and whole families are often punished or even killed for trying to conceal a magic user.  Sometimes, parents turn in their own offspring rather than risk the consequences. Since Vindication, all surviving magic users are ostracized and live on the outskirts of society. Out of necessity, they are driven to live with outlaws and bandits and other outcast elements of society.  Forests deep enough to avoid the main roads and frequent patrols of guards are the usual places for these people to live.

Vindication day, which happens annually in the mid-summer, is Toril’s grandest holiday and celebrates the victory of the uprising and the ascension of Vergul the Champion to power.  It is a day of feasts, tournament, celebration, and usually a large execution of outlaws and magic users. These undesirables are gathered by the prefects, who go into the forests in force to capture them and bring them back for execution in the days and weeks before the festivities.


The Countries and Their Attitudes Towards Magic Use

Westril – Illegal, imprisonment or death

Toril – Illegal, punishable by death

Midril - Legal

Sothril - Legal

Estril – Illegal, imprisonment or death

Maritril - Illegal, Banishment

Outril – Legal

No Man’s Land – Anything Goes

Chapter 1 – Escape from Confinement

Our miscreants are currently imprisoned at a jail adjacent to the regional city, about two hours walk from the city.  It is currently the annual “Celebration of the Vindication”, or Vindication Day. This day marks the time when, decades ago, the ruler of the country prevailed in his mission to eradicate and scatter those with magical prowess.

Each year, on Vindication Day, the prefects are sent out to gather up undesirables from the neighboring forest where they congregate.  These unfortunates are executed before cheering audiences at the stroke of midnight at the end of Vindication Day. This is how our band came to be jailed.  This practice is well known, and our party knows that this is their fate should they not elude capture.

Because of the holiday, the ordinary full garrison of twelve guards has been reduced (6-8 + the captain), and those guards that are present are largely inebriated or even passed out.  In one hour’s time, guards and wagon from the city will arrive to pick up the prisoners and transport them to their deaths. While the party does not know the EXACT time frame, they know they don’t have long

The wagon that is coming to retrieve our prisoners is escorted by more sober guards.  The escort consists of a prisoner wagon with a civilian driver drawn by two horses.  Two more “Captain Guard” type fighters on horseback and four more “guard” types on foot.

Our band murdered all of their captors and chose to ambush the party that was coming to take them to execution.  The escort party turned out to be a bit much for our merry band, and so after taking some serious hits, they managed to steal the cart and four horses and escape, killing their only pursuer.  As we left, they lay bleeding in the back of the cart as they raced away to freedom…

Day 2


The group is fleeing the scene of the last battle, having stolen four horses and a cart and murdered a jail full of guards and one mounted heavy guard.  Most of the party is wounded, but they are now safe from battle for the time being.

There are woods in all directions of the jail varying distances from the road.  The woods, as aforementioned, are home to all manner of undesirables, and chance encounters with bad guys are all over the place.  There do exist bastions of sympathetic magic users / outcasts where all are welcome.

One of the relatively safe cities is located in the woods to the northwest of the jail that they are fleeing (marked on world map).  This location is about 3 hours away (1.5 times travel time in woods) Furthermore, the countries to the south (Midril and Sothril) are both caster-friendly.  As a result, neither is on friendly terms with Toril, unlike Estril and Westril who both have agreed to persecute magic users in order to strengthen ties with / appease Toril.

The party has a few options.  Three hours to the south is the border of Midril, where they would be relatively safe.

There are whispers of sympathetic groups that are opposed to the oppression of Toril and the countries in its pocket, for Estril and Westril are only so harsh against magic users because of pressure from Toril.  Maritril, being an island country, is extra sensitive to outsiders and banishes any magic users that come to its borders.

Day 3


Last time, the gang wandered into one of the “bastion” cities in the forest northwest of their jail.  While the town welcomed them with open arms, unfortunately, MechaBearShark was involved.

First of all, Bro’Nan walked into the bar and decided to have a drinking contest, which he won spectacularly.  Meanwhile, Marsh managed to swindle the barkeep out of some money. While this was going on, the others were off shopping for gear.

When a shopkeeper VERY REASONABLY refused to give MechaBearShark a good deal on some armor or something, he got angry and decided to get revenge later.

Meanwhile, a guard patrol similar to the one the group tried and failed to fight on the first day rolled into town.  Torinn, mistakenly thinking there were only four of them, ran into the four foot-soldiers and two mounted fighters alone.

MechaBearShark rounded up the gang (except Torinn) and went back to the shop for revenge.  Bro’Nan used an innocent shopper as a weapon and struck the shopkeeper with the guy, then they killed everyone and lit the shop on fire after looting a bunch of adventurer’s kits and stuff.  Wow. Way to go on giving yourselves a bad name, guys.

Meanwhile, Torinn was getting the shit kicked out of him but not quite dying.  He told a young boy to go and warn the rest of the party. The young boy, jumping up and down in a panic and gesticulating wildly about the guards, spooked mighty Bro’Nan, who proceeded to take a swing at the kid with his hammer, knocking him half dead.


Anyway, they caught up with the nearly dead Torinn and managed to save him and kill all of the guards before fleeing the burning town.


Luckily, because of the guards coming into town and the fact that all immediate witnesses were murdered, nobody knows that the town was burned down by our gang, and everyone just blames the guards for lighting the town on fire (which they probably would have done had they not been killed by the gang).

If anyone asks, the Little Boy burned to death.  But first, he woke up and realized he was on fire, felt the immense pain, then screamed and rolled around for a minute or two until he fell into even more fire then died terribly.

The party is now wounded and tired in the woods, and the first thing they will do is go off someplace remote and bed down for the night.  Thank goodness for their new stolen adventurers kits!

Wherever the party heads, the below random encounters (or encounters with more guard patrols) are possible.  Additionally, the wanted status of the group in Toril has increased as they have evaded capture and execution.

Regardless of what happens, Torinn will leave the group as the group rests the first night, citing profound ideological differences.

Meanwhile, John’s character (who we will call Michael for simplicity’s sake) will approach the group and aggressively suggest that he would like to share their fire.  

As for the group’s new leader, Tony’s new character, the group will come upon him finishing off a Toril soldier with two others dead on the ground already.  The group will be impressed.

Where will they head next?  South to Midril? For another safe village?

While camping in the woods and recuperating from the rigors of battle, Krombopulous Michael came upon the group and tried to creep towards them.  Missing nothing, Zarra snuck up on him and threw him into a cloud of darkness, disarming him while he was disoriented. After a humorous confrontation, KM joined the group to share their fire and got his weapon back from Zarra.


The next day while marching down the road, the group encountered a warlord in the process of killing three Toril guards.  Impressed, he joined their group and they continued South towards the relative safety of Midril.

The border is strewn with towers and guards, and by nightfall, the group hoped to talk their way past the minimal guards.  Shifty the changeling, with the rapidly staling croissants in the cart, tried desperately to explain to the guards that he needed to get the delicious pastries to the people Midril before they went bad. Unfortunately, trying to “help” with the deception, Bro’Nan said “croissant!” in his best immitation of what flaky buttery bread might sound like.  Needless to say, the guards were tipped off.


Pulling the ol’ “Pocket Croissant!” caper, Shifty threw a bunch of bread at the guards, buying him seconds to get moving, and they sped off in the cart to get over the bridge into Midril.  As they made their way over the river, the Toril guards dared to chase them out of their county, pursuing for awhile longer. Eventually, they were discouraged (and by discouraged, I mean that one of their horse’s faces got smashed by Bro’Nan’s hammer) and returned to Toril.  Our brave and evil band speeds into the Midril darkness, croissants flying every-which way.

Afterwards, the group ran into a roving band of Kobold minions with their goblin masters, killing them easily.  Bedding down for a rest, our story comes to and end for the time being…


A brief note on Midril

Midril is not so given to large cities and structured hierarchy as Toril.  While there is a ruler of Midril (…Tim…), and there is a governing body, the whole place is a bit more laissez-faire.  Magic is allowed because people tend to keep somewhat to themselves anyway. There is a standing force in Midril necessitated by Toril’s lust for territory and power, but there is little border defense other than roving guards on horseback (as evidenced by the border crossing, there were Toril guards, but no Midril ones).

Midril cities tend to be stout and built of stone, as the landscape of Midril gives way to many quarries.  The finest stone and masons in Faerun come from Midril. The towns are surrounded by stone walls with gates, however the gates are usually open, though watched.

Now letting magic folks come and go at will is all well and good, but it does tend to lead to some undesireables…

Day Four

Into Midril

The group awakes on a misty morning.

There is a sign on the tree across the path from the campsite

!Trusted Adventurers Wanted!

!Gold paid for hard work!

See Vergen the Great

Just a few miles south down the road in Midrilexico

At Inn of the Giants!

Survival Not Guaranteed

Payment onloy made to survivors

No refunds for loss of life, limb, and equipment!

Bro’Nan grabs KM and jumps through the roof of the cart, stabbing the bat with KM’s horns for the kill

BUT they broke two of the wooden ribs of the cart and tore the shit out of the canvas.

Bat killed
Fangs -> Andrew

Ears -> Clint

Tail -> John (1D6 + STR Modifier weapon)

Wings -> Tony, used to patch up fucked up cart

The party gets a second cart and links them together, two carts.  7 horses draw the two carts.

shifty is now the Earl of Midrilexico

Mounting the bat’s head on the front of the cart (after MBS stole its ears and started wearing them, and after Zarra took the fangs), the one-eyed kid used the bats wings to patch up the cart, making it into the batcart.   As the group rolled into town, they set about fixing their broken cart (which eventually gave way after 700 lbs of Bro’Nan and Krombopulous Michael jumped and landed on it). Then, immediately, Zarra gathered the troops to him and set about completely disregarding the mission in hand.  


He went to find the head of the town, and Shifty helped him bluff the guards to get in.  Once inside, Zarra attempted to convince the Earl to give them troops, money, and supplies to wage war on Toril.  The Earl immediately called for his clerk to go get the guards, but shifty knocked out the clerk with a knife-hilt to the eyes and KM sliced open the Earl from shoulder to hip, murdering him.  At this point, MechaBearShark burned the Earl’s body to a crisp with his lightning breath, and shifty transformed into the likeness of the Earl. After convincing the clerk that he just hit his head (and perhaps had a stroke?  Nobody else can smell anything burning…), Shifty decided that he would like to be the Earl of Midrilexico, and so he shall remain.

As the rest of the group rejoined the one-eyed kid and explained what had happened (Seriously?  What the fuck were you guys thinking?), they finally went and saw the author of the note they had found and signed a contract.  Vergen the Great, owner of Inn of the Giants, was actually the smallest Halfling any of them had ever seen, but promised to pay 1,000 gold pieces if they could reclaim his taken quarry.  He seemed to believe that the group would not survive the attempt.

Soon after, they heard someone call out that there were bandits out in front of the town!  They rushed off and found three tough looking soldiers killing four guards in front of the town, and they engaged them.  Though all contributed, Bro’Nan swung through and got killing blows on all three guards, hitting one for 29 damage in a single swing!  Wow.
After this, everyone was tired and returned to the inn to rest and prepare for their upcoming quest.

Day 5 – Operation Get Stoned

Vergen the Great has hired our party (incidentally, it seems they are not the first party he’s hired for this) for a quest.  His most profitable quarry has been occupied by a gang of outlaws for the better part of a year. This group is just living in the quarry and occasionally ranging out to pillage and harass people.  The Midril authorities relegated any responsibility or obligation to help to the Earl of Midrilexico, somebody who has (had…) little respect for little Vergen the Great, and bogged down the small owner of the Sleeping Giant in bureaucracy.  Vergen has long since given up on “The Law”, hence the signs arrowed onto trees in the forests asking for adventurers. Also, it doesn’t hurt that he isn’t paying any money up front. While criminals and bandits are somewhat commonplace, it does seem weird for a group of them to occupy a very profitable quarry for an extended period and not try to sell any of the stone…

While the rag-tag group of miscreants (not our party, the one occupying the quarry) doesn’t seem to be especially organized, the only name that seems to come up more than once when asking who’s in charge is Finnigan, who they sometimes call “The Bearkeeper”.  That sounds ominous, doesn’t it?

The quarry is a day and a half east from Midrilexico.  An irregularly shaped open pit about half a square mile in size marks the location, though there is a far more significant subterranean component to the quarry with an extensive tunnel system.
It’s pretty easy to tell which tunnel is traveled most frequently.  Voices and laughter and… other sounds… can be heard echoing through the tunnels.  The bandits observe the “Buddy System” and travel in packs of two. In the “Main Tunnel”, there are four groups of two bandits.  Individual bandits (up to 5 at 25% each, unless there’s a lot of noise, in which case it increases to 40%) may trickle in from tunnels adjacent to the main tunnel after the group has gone into the tunnel.

In the “main chamber”, which is where the main tunnel ends into a larger chamber that has been the main mine site for some time apparently), Finnigin awaits the group, with his pet Cave Bear Fluffers.


We picked up the game again for the podcast in DiceUp.  Hooray!
As the gang leaves the quarry, they meet a somber looking fighter (Rolph Farlow) moving towards the quarry.  Vergen hired him, too, assuming the the group would die. Bro’Nan “field dressed” the bear with his hammer. Rolph carried it as a service to the group, and they returned to the Inn to get their reward from Vergen.
Vergren tried to short them, so they tried to kill him.  He vanishes to his safe room while his three ogre body guards attacked the group.  After bashing the head and balls of Mechabearshark and Rolph respectively, Zarra encased them in an orb of darkness, where they remained as Bro’Nan smashed two of them and Tonks burned the last one.  Hooray!

Bribing them with more gold, Vergen acquired the note the party found in the quarry implicating the Earl and some compatriots for the theft of his quarry.  He offers to pay the party to kill the Earl. Naturally, Bro’Nan decided to bring him along, and MBS decided to burn down the inn. Obviously. As they sit outside, watching it burn and listening to Clair de Lune, some guards come up to investigate.  When they see Vergen, they say that the Earl’s assistant wants to talk to him about the taxes on his quarry that he just got back. We left off as the party heads off with the guards towards the Ear’s house...