Wits and Chivalry: The Sequel! Part 3 of 3

Gameplay from our session on 2/9/2018

In this hilarious medieval "Monty-Python"-esque real-play RPG, most of our heroes return to face a new challenge given to them by Merlin!  In this session, our "heroes" must recover Merlin's lost spellbook from an evil witch!

This podcast is episode 3 of 3!



Tim - GM / NPCs

Glenn - Sir John the Long / Benny the Peck, a young squire

Clint - Sir Bloodmore the Pious / Snarlot (?), the young rogue

Dave - Sir Randolph the Reformed / Michael Bolton, the bard

Brooke - Lady Chloe the Scott / Alfie, the old squire

Andrew - Sir Peter the Prodigious / Charlie, the wildcard ghost (because he died in the last game!)


Wits and Chivalry - A Lasers and Feelings tribute hack by Tim and Kristin Devine, DiceUp Games!  www.diceupgames.com

Lasers and Feelings originally crafted by the brilliant John Harper - http://onesevendesign.com/


Intro and Outro music is "Synthwave" by Ryan Andersen

License is Create Commons - Attribution-NonCommercial: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/

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